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Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces - Rachel  Thompson What did the title have to do with the book? Everything. The book is non-fiction (memoir) and talks about the time when she was most broken. It ends in the present where her pieces are no longer as broken as they were in the beginning.

Is the story plot or character driven? This is a non-fiction that is focused on short stories or 'pieces' of the author's life. This is the first time I have read a book like this and it did open my eyes about what other people go through in their lives.

Who in this book would you most like to meet? The author. She seems to be a strong person who has been brave enough to deal with her past issues. I would like to know more about how she has overcome the obstacles in her life. A very good book I will definitely tell other readers about.

Disclosure - I received a free copy of the book which did not affect my honest opinion.