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The Symbolon: Book 2 of The SIbylline Trilogy (Volume 2)

The Symbolon - Delia J. Colvin How was the mystery / problem in this story solved. The mystery was finding Valeria. Alex never gave up hope that some day, he would find her again. He also had to find a way to break the curse on her.

What problems does one of the characters have, and how does he or she solve it? Paolo gave up the love of his life, so his best friend and her could be happy. In the end, that was what was most important to him.

Where did the story take place? The story started in Carrara.

List the places mentioned in the book. Greece - Where they were to be married. Bellavida was to be the name of their new house. New York was where Valeria lives. Central Park, Italy, The Styx River, Florence.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.