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Cruxim: You Are Never Alone (Paranormal Fallen Angels) (Volume 1)

Cruxim: You Are Never Alone (Paranormal Fallen Angels) (Volume 1) - Karin Cox If you could only save one character from the book, which one would it be and why? Sabine, just loved her character. A Spinx, just such a intriguing creature.

Did you find this book a quick read? The book was a quick and fun read. Definitely will look out for other books by this author.

List the characters and describe them. Adedeo - Fallen angel. He was a Cruxim. He searched for Josyln and Sabine, he loved them both. He had wings and great strength.

Sabine - The guardian, she was immortal. She was half woman, half lioness. She was very strong. Only one of her kind. She love Adedeo.

Joslyn - Very beautiful, vampire. She loved Adedeo.

Dr. Gandler - Cruel man that searched for anyone unusual. He operated and them and tortured them. Displayed them in a circus to make money. He wanted to become a vamp.

Was the story credible? The story and characters were credible.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.